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Cheap Desks Under $100

There may be times that money is tight when looking for home office furnishings, and you really want to find a cheap desk. That does not mean that you don't need something that will last and is well constructed, but you are not looking for anything fancy. With that in mind, here is a selection of good cheap desks.

First decide what you must have from your desk. Address questions like how many regular drawers and filing drawers do you need? And, how you can work around not having all your papers right at your finger tips?

Sometimes, you can find a simple table, or small desk, that will work for a starter and will still be usable in your home office as the business grows.

Remembering that price is one of the most important considerations for now, let's look at some of the available choices.

Oxford Corner Computer Desk

Oxford Corner Computer Desk

This is a simple and attractive corner desk for a computer with a flat screen. It is made from composition board so it will be relatively heavy (68 lbs). It is a functional unit that can turn any corner in your house or apartment into a small office area.

Movable Computer Desk

Berkeley Computer Desk

This small computer desk lets you take full advantage of limited space and makes room for you computer monitor, keyboard and mouse.

This is a simply constructed desk of PVC and powder coated frame that measures 27.5 inches long x 19.68 inches wide x 28.35 inches high. As you can see from the casters, it is easily portable and therefore lets you change the location of your work space as needed.

My Space, My Place Desk in White Finish

My Space, My Place Desk in White FinishHere is a simple desk in a white finish which might work just fine for you.

With two drawers, you have room to store some paper, pencils, and stapler ...that type of office supplies. You will have ample work space on top of this 40 X 18.5 x 29 inch desk.

This can work as a starter desk in your home office whether it is in a room by itself or in the den or a corner of the kitchen.

Remember it is the ideas that come out of the work – not the working space that really matters.

As you outgrow this desk, and you will, it can be used in a variety of locations for all kinds of purposes.



Small Wood Desk

Small Wood DeskThis Small Wood Desk is simple and classic. It is available in black or chocolate. It is 42 inches in width giving a useful amount of surface space for writing and working on your computer.

Can’t you just visualize your laptop on top of the desk as you work away on the first big project of your very own?
When you are starting out, money is often very dear, so if you need to start with your very own home office desk for under a hundred dollars, here is one of the ways to do it!




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